In The Beginning

The story is about a boy that found a puppy that looked like a ghost dog and he named it Gus the Ghost-Face Dog. And his cousin Calum would go over to their grandma and grandpa's house at the ranch and they loved to explore. The boys saw a man stealing their grandpa's cows and they went to get help. They went exploring again and they found a map that led to a haunted mansion. They saw a man there and he had a gun so the boys called for help. The police came and got the man who robbed a bank 20 years ago and the boys got a reward. The book is awesome and cool. Moises Cervantes, 4th Grade.

Chief Straight Arrow

My favorite chapter in the books is Chief Straight Arrow in Volume 3 because my cousins and I get to go back in time and stop a war between Indians and pioneers. My favorite part is when I meet a few of my ancestors. My other favorite part is when Calum makes me a bed out of leaves because it is very fun to visualize it. But my all time favorite part is when the Indians think Gus is a medicine dog! I think it is hilarious! Cara Eileen Mitchell (also known as granddaughter of Susan Mitchell)