Based on the Gus: The Ghost-Face Dog Series for children, Susan Mitchell created The Gus Club for boys and girls ages 7-11 (general age guideline) to inspire their adventurous imaginations. Children younger and older are invited as well.

Visit The Gus Club on Facebook by clicking HERE where there are photo albums of our meetups.

New attendees (first timers) will get a colorful Gus Club Bag with assorted items kids can take home with them. Return attendees will receive additional items to add to their bag. 

At each meetup, Susan will read one of the many stories in the Gus books. After story time, there's snacks, games, and prizes!

Reading a story with a pretend campfire. 
Previous Gus Club Bag items

Gus (on the right) has arrived all the way from Australia to join Luke at the next meetup!

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