I’m a storyteller. I start writing a story with no idea how it is going to end. I just keep writing and getting my characters into trouble, until everything finally falls into place, and then an exciting conclusion comes to me, sometimes with a twist! It is awesome to watch the reactions of the audience listening to one of my stories when something unexpected happens. Their faces are priceless! It’s kind of like hearing your audience’s reaction when you’re acting in a play. Sometimes after people read my stories we discuss them, and it’s like bringing the characters in the story to life.

Story telling is one of the oldest art forms. Before people could write down their stories, they were handing down their history through storytelling to each generation, so it could be remembered. Sometimes they used pictures to help tell the stories.

The best way to create your own story, is to write about the things you love; like your family, pets, and friends and things you know about and like to do.

When I was a kid I liked to go exploring with my brothers and cousins, at our grandparents’ ranch and pretend we were back in the times when Indians lived there. I knew they used to live there, because we always found a lot of arrowheads and spearheads and some tools and other artifacts the Indians used. The more you use your imaginations, the bigger and more exciting the adventures for your games or stories!


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Gus (on the right) arrived all the way from Australia 
to join Luke for their school and library visits.

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