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Second Grade Class at Meridian World School
in Round Rock, TX.

As the plot thickens... with
Gus & Luke in the background.

Another second grade class at
Meridian World School in Round Rock.

Note pictures displayed on the screen
on the top right of the wall.
Hanna Springs Elementary School.

Susan Garner Mitchell Presented
"Ways to Express Ourselves Through Writing"
to the second graders at the Meridian World School.
The children actively participated with numerous questions,
and the teacher interviewed her as the students looked on.
She read one of the stories from her book,
"The Saga of Gus, the Ghost-Face Dog."
"We love the passion she has for
writing adventure stories
for kids!"
Thank you notes from the children!

San Saba Elementary School Christmas Program.

This little girl in pink was young enough to 
resemble Skyler, in the imaginary tale of The Flash Flood. 
The boys rescue her when she is trapped in a VW Bug 
in Flash Flood waters. 
September 2016.

October 15, 2016 at Lampasas Library.

Halloween meeting. Note the ghost dog
visiting with Gus & Luke.

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