The Search for Buried Treasure

I like this book because Cal and Ethan got to climb Flat Top Peak, and while they were up there they found a cave. In the back corner of the cave Gus and Luke were digging. Ethan and Cal went over there to see what the dogs were digging for and they dug up some very old saddlebags, and that is why I like this book. Calum Mitchell, 4th Grade.

Amazon Reviews for Volume 2

I am an adult and loved all 3 books. I can only imagine how much a child would love them! Going to read them all to my granddaughter!

I loved the first volume, and loved this one just as much! I am definitely a fan of this series!

Another good adventure story book. My grandchildren really enjoyed reading the stories of Gus, and Luke, and the boys Cal and Ethan.

Amazon Reviews for Volume 3

My heart began to race as I read the tales of predicaments these kids get into! But the dogs always save the boys from major fiascos! If you read either of the 1st 2 books, you must read this one, too!

Amazon Reviews for Volume 1

I highly recommend that you get this audio book to go along with the paperback or get the audio alone! Susan narrates her own book with passion and suspense.

Loved the book. A great adventure book for boys and girls. My grandchildren loved reading about Gus and his sidekick Luke. This is one of the best samples I have the pleasure of reading!