The Flash Flood

School had just gotten out and Cal and his cousin Ethan were going hiking with there dogs Luke and Gus. The boys had been hiking for a few hours. It started to rain. They had a shelter they called a cave on a cliff, but it was actually a rock over-hang. It's about twelve feet high over a flat rock floor. Cal's walking-talkie sounded and Grandma told them that there was a flash flood and tornado warning in their area. The boys changed the channel on their Wilkie-talkie to the weather channel which said there was a car that got swept away by the powerful storm and it fell into the river near the boys. A man and woman had just been saved but a four year old girl, Skyler, was still in the car. The boys saw the car rushing down the river and grabbed Skyler. They kept slipping on the muddy hill but Luke was very strong and helped them. The little girl was crying but the boys gave her food and she was playing with the dogs. Luke and Gus were growling at something, so the boys turned on their flashlights and saw a mountain lion!!! The mountain lion probably goes in there when it rains but the boys got there first. It was about to attack, but Gus attacked first. He clamped his teeth into the lion's throat but the lion stuck his claws into Gus' back. Then Luke jumped on the lion biting him on the back of his neck. Luke tore the mountain lion off of Gus' back but then the mountain lion and Luke started falling down the hill, but luckily Luke is a great swimmer, said Cal proudly. Luke came into the cave like nothing had happened. Soon it was morning and the boys started making the S.O.S. signal they had learned in Boy Scouts. An army helicopter saw them. Skyler's parents were happy to see her. The boys went home to rest. Two days later the paper came out with a picture of the wrecked car with a huge mountain lion jumping out of the car window!!! Selah Harris, Age 10

The Mystery Horse

I like The Mystery Horse because Ethan and I get to go on a night adventure. Then we see a glimpse of a horse and a boy's footprints in glowing moss. Then the boys find the horse and a boy named Joe. They become best friends. Calum Mitchell