Alias Gus, Dog of the West

Grandpa would tell Ethan about the Indians who lived there before the pioneers. One day Ethan fell asleep and when he woke up he heard an Indian yell. The Indians were attacking! The door of the cabin swung open and Gus ran outside. The Indians just stood looking at Gus. The Indians thought Gus was a ghost dog or a spirit dog. The Indians thought it was a sign to leave the settles alone. One man said, "I don't know where you came from, but you saved our lives!" The man asked Ethan what his dog's name was and Ethan told him it was Gus the Ghost-Face Dog. The man told Ethan he would call his dog, Gus, Dog of the West. Ethan and Gus stayed with the pioneers that night. They woke up feeling great and excited. The man took Ethan and Gus to the Indians' camp to have a peace talk. When they got to the camp the Indian chief told them to sit down and the chief sat next to them and Gus sat next to Ethan. The man was able to talk to the chief and the man also brought deer meat to the Indians as a gift. They were going to be able to live together in peace. Moises Cervantes, Grade 5

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